Thank You Ma’am: Response

Dear Diary,

I was thinking again, about the day that I met Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. I still remeber her full name, because who could forget a lady like that? She was kindly, but firm, like the kind of mother firgure I never had.

The day was like any other day. I left home in my dirty old jeans late at night, thinking I could find some late night stragglers to try and steal some money from. I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes, you see, because I had never had nothing nice. I needed to steal some money for shoes, so why not buy something nice. But I picked the wrong lady to steal from. She picked me up faster than you could say “Blue Suede”, and made me feel real ashamed. But I realized I didn’t want to steal from her anymore, I just wanted her to turn me loose. I was awful scared, but then she took me home and washed me up. She fed me too, which was a real nice thing for her to do. I was hungry, hadn’t eaten anything since 6 a.m., when Father left for the feilds. I didn’t know how to cook, and Father usually didnt get home till 12, so I often went hungry. Anyways, she made me feel real ashamed, but then she brightened everything by giving me the ten dollars to buy some blue suede shoes. When she told me to behave when I was leaving her house, I couldn`t help but listen and obey.

I bought those suede shoes the next morning, and I kept thinking about all the things she had told me, so I went right there and then and got a job delivering newspapers. She taught me that if you want something, you have to work for it, so I continued to work for the nice people at the newspaper place, and when i was old enough, went to work with my father in the fields. I met a real nice girl there who worked in the kitchens, making food for the workers. We eventually got married, and had two nice little boys. But I never forgot Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones and what she taught me.


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